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Which classes are available at each pool?


All classes and activities below (including all the holiday clubs) available at this pool

Thomas Wolsey and Cardinal Loft:

Pre-School, non swimmers, beginners, improvers, stroke development available at this pool

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Our Classes:

Adult and Child Classes

From 4 months to 3 years

Fun and interactive class. Early water confidence. Enjoyable and engaging 30 minutes of songs, actions and early swimming movements.

Pre-School Classes

Aged 2.5-4 years

From nervous and shy little ones to super confident little swimmers suitable for all pre school children. 1:3 Ratio. ASA Ducklings awards. Improves water confidence and teaches safety in the pool. Many of our preschool children can swim 25m unaided.

Non Swimmer Classes

Aged 3 years upwards

Teaching water confidence. Working on breathing techniques. Teaching correct leg action on front and back.

Beginner Classes

Aged 3 years upwards

For children who have just learnt to swim a few strokes . We work on correct body position in the pool. More breathing practices. Aim to swim 15-25m on the front and back.

Improvers Classes

Aged 4 years upwards

For those who can now swim 25m-100m. Introducing proper technique on all 4 strokes. 

Stroke Development Classes

Aged from 6 to 7 plus (approx)

Introducing stamina and efficient and effective strokes. Tumble turns and starts and turns. Great way to keep fit. Stage 8-10.

Rookie Lifesaving Classes

Aged 8 plus

Junior life guard awards. Rescues and towing along with all aspects of life saving. Really good skill for those wishing to be lifeguards once 16.

Synchro Swimming Classes

Aged 8 plus

Introduction to sculling and routines to music. Great fun!

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